Uhtred KMP

2022 Perlino F1 Drum Horse Colt
Taskin (Vanner) x Freedom’s Jolie Prize (Shire) Born via Embryo Transfer
EE, Aa, CrCr, PATN1, W20, H1 (Height Gene)
Registered with IDHA & NADHR

And then she had an incredible son… Uhtred KMP is the first foal for the Moonshire breeding program and we couldn’t be more thrilled with him! By the famous Vanner stallion, Taskin and out of our wonderful Jolie, we were given Uhtred! Uhtred is the FIRST double cream and currently the ONLY Perlino Drum Horse in the world. A rare gem indeed. His crystal cream coat is only matched by his good temperament, size and substance, long hip, lovely shoulder, pleasing topline, compact build, beautiful head, straight legs and exceptional feathering. Uhtred has a promising future in the show ring and the breeding shed. He will pass on color AND quality to each foal. I look forward to seeing his impact on not just the Drum Horse Program but any breed or type he is paired with!

PRICE: SOLD ~ Congratulations to the Wangsgaard Family

“… the FIRST double cream and currently the 

ONLY Perlino Drum Horse in the world.”


Foundation Vanner Stallion
Buckskin Vanner | 14.3 hh
GVHS #GV00557F
Foundation Vanner Mare
Uhtred KMP
Dua He Chi's J.R.
Dua He Chi's Freedom
Shire 22929-S
Horderly Grey Princess
Freedom's Jolie Prize
Buckskin Shire
Shire 24324-M
ForestHills Black Hawk
Jane's Prize One
Shire 23711-M
Heitkamp's Jane




Taskin x Freedom's Jolie Prize
2022 Perlina F1 DromHorse Colt (Vanner x Shire)
EE, Aa, CrCr, PATN1, W20

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