For the love of horses...

About Moonshire Manor

Moonshire Manor is a small horse breeding program owned and operated by the Parks Family. We are currently located in the heart of California horse country in the Santa Ynez Valley. I am Kylee Parks, the primary visionary for this breeding venture. 

My mother was a Paint and Quarter Horse trainer and breeder, so I grew up riding and competing from a young age. Horses have always been the constant in my life and at the core of who I am.  When I wasn’t riding horses, I was drawing them. Now, as an adult, I am fortunate enough to have made a career out of my passion for art and horses.

As an equine artist, the vision that my mind’s eye sees, is realized in my sculptures. With my breeding program, that ideal equine vision transcends to real life. With horses being both my passion and my muse, I feel I have a unique perspective of the beauty in the equine form and importance of balance in ‘form to function’. Owning and breeding draft and Iberian horses has long been a dream of mine. My husband Greg, has been instrumental in making this dream a reality. He is an accomplished equine veterinarian at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center. His extensive knowledge and expertise in equine reproduction and embryo transfer, has allowed us to bring in genetics that otherwise, would have been out of my reach. Together, Greg and I, also share in the raising of our two beautiful children and the balancing of career and home life. 

The Vision

Our intention is to create a purposeful equine partner with endless potential… and it doesn’t hurt that they’re nice to look at! It has long been our philosophy that the horsemanship is about so much more than just riding or competition. My equine connections always begin on a spiritual level, founded on trust, understanding and mutual respect. With this foundation, these versatile breeds and crosses can excel in many disciplines, such as; dressage, western riding, working equitation, driving, liberty work, mounted archery, vaulting and so much more! These horses can easily transition from show the ring to the trail, to ranch life or the family farm… we seek to breed the perfect partner… your heart horse.

We work to carefully blend various genetics to achieve structural correctness, a willing temperament, combined with unique colors and patterns. Our foundation breeds consist of Shire, Friesian, and Iberians. Our breeding program showcases the best qualities of these specially selected breeds… the style and majesty of the Friesian, the substance of bone and quiet mind of the Shire, and the agility and presence of Iberian breeds like the Andalusian and Lusitano.

Some of these pure breeds we work with have a limited gene pool and their overall numbers have diminished worldwide. So, we seek to preserve, promote and improve these breeds, while also expanding their genetic diversity and rare color variations, with concentration on the dilute and double dilute genes. We seek to breed for consistency within the individual breeds and for complimentary qualities in our crosses. These horses are relevant to our modern needs but somehow transport us to another time and place with their majestic “war horse” build. Join us in this quest!

Where best friends are made.

Where best friends are found.

The Experience

Cultivating an equine experience where we respect not only our horses but one another… creating a space to grow as a community.