Freedom’s Jolie Prize

2007 Buckskin Shire Mare | EE, Aa, NCr, W20 | 16.2 HH (H1 Carrier)

Registered with the ASHA & FOUNDATION IDHA

Embryos Available for Purchase

This remarkable mare was acquired  in 2020 as the cornerstone of the Moonshine Manor program to come. Jolie is the ONLY known Buckskin Shire in the world but her color not the only thing that drew me to her. Jolie is the most gentle, nurturing soul you will ever encounter. There is no other mare like her and that is truly what makes her one of kind. She is a manageable size, and she is balanced and correctly built. I love her topline and lofty, effortless movement. She is low maintenance, has great feet and has been barefoot her life. Jolie is easy to be around and she captures the hearts of everyone she meets. She stamps her foals with an A+ temperament, personality and substance. She is everything I wanted in a foundation broodmare and best friend. Jolie has her forever home here with us and in our hearts. Watch the video below to see just how we came to have a Buckskin Shire!

“Jolie is Truly Unique…One of a kind.”


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Freedom's Jolie Prize
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Uhtred KMP

Taskin (Vanner) x Freedom's Jolie Prize 2022 Perlino F1 Drum Horse Colt
EE, Aa, CrCr, PATN1, W20
Born via Embryo Transfer
SOLD ~ Now proudly owned by Hanna Wangsgaard

2022 Bay Dun Colt

Starfire's The Monarch (Vanner)
x Freedom's Jolie Prize
2022 Bay Dun F1 Drum Horse Colt Born via Embryo Transfer
SOLD ~ Now proudly owned by Jan Martin