Vignette KMP

2023 Friesian Sporthorse Filly – Born May 11, 2023 – LP/PATN1/Aa/EE/Nd1

Sired by Pax Asgard AF Pegasus (Few Spot Knabstrupper Stallion)

Out of Iefke-Anne Ut ‘t Veene (KFPS Friesian Mare)
*Via Embryo Transfer
Available For Purchase


I have been holding on extra tightly to this special girl as I know how hard it is going to be to let her go… presenting, Vignette KMP! Born via embryo transfer, Vignette is the most balanced, athletic and harmonious filly… the perfect combination of Friesian flair with the athletic type of the Knabstrupper. I could not have asked for more from this cross. She is so incredibly elegant and coordinated and has been since the moment she made her early debut!

Vignette is a Bay-based, rare suppressed Leopard complex paired with PATN1. Though born solid she will have an ever evolving coat that will change and “varnish” and “spot” out as she grows and ages. She is color tested LP/PATN1/Aa/EE/Nd1 and also has a clear genetic panel for any other disorders. She is also a Height Gene (H1) carrier which means she should have both size and presence with the potential to pass this on to her future offspring. 

Her dam is our superb, first premie, imported Friesian mare, Iefke-Anne. Iefke has three breathtaking gaits paired with the most wonderful work-ethic and huge heart. Her sire is the one-of-kind, proven Knabstrupper stallion, Pax Asgard af Pegasus owned by Murder Hollow and the Tucci Family. Pax checked all my boxes when seeking a sporty partner to compliment my mare… movement, mind and presence with the extra bonus of COLOR! I knew this combination would create something special and Vignette has made all of our dreams come true. She is the perfect fruition of the best of both breeds!

This beautiful girl is certain to have a bright future as a show horse, broodmare and a willing, bold best friend. Movement, temperament, and an ever changing coat of many colors… this triple threat filly is available to the discriminating buyer. This one will not last long!


Generous payment options until weaning in November ~ Contact Kylee for availability!

“Vignette is the most balanced, athletic and harmonious filly… the perfect combination of the Friesian flair with the sport-type of the Knabstrupper. I could not have asked for more form this cross!”


Pergamon aus der Schuetze
Pegasus Vom Niehaus-Hof
Cindy Lynghoi
Pax Asgard af Pegasus
Color & Pattern: E/e, A/a, LP/LP, PATN1/PATN1
Ambrosius af Asgard
Firefly de Bec
Vignette KMP 2023 LP Friesian Sporthorse Filly
Tymon 456
Mees 497
Tjitske Van Rijnwouode
Iefke-Anne Ut 't Veene
Felle 422
Anne Harmke
Harmke Sanne W.


Sire | Reference Photos

Pax Asgard AF Pegasus ~ Knabstrupper Stallion (Homozygous LP & PATN1)
Owned by: Murder Hollow

Dam | Reference Photos

Iefke-Anne Ut ‘t Veene
Owned by Moonshire Manor