Prophecy KMP

 Cremello F2 Warlander Colt – Color Genetics: AA/ee/CRCR

Sired by Saphiro (Cremello Lusitano Stallion) 
Out of BDF Illuminous (Palomino Warlander Mare) *via embryo transfer

F2: 50% Lusitano + 25% Andalusian + 25% Friesian – DOB: 5/15/2024

Negative for PSSM1, GBED, HYPP, HERDA, Dwarfism, FFS, &  Hydrocephalus

Registry Pending: IALHA, Friesian Heritage & Warlander Studbook Society

Prophecy: a foretelling or prediction of something to come… a divinely inspired revelation. His very name and fate are synonymous with greatness. We were blessed with this unique boy a few days after Mother’s Day and he was just the gift I needed. Out of our palomino Warlander mare, Latte, and by the prolific and legendary Lusitiano stallion, Saphiro. With the combination of these genetics I knew this would be a special foal but he has exceeded my dreams. Even at only hours old his excellent structure and brave and curious personality was evident. He is build uphill with a short back, elegant neck and straight, correct limbs. Prophecy has a noble head with perfect Friesian-esque ears. He has the perfect blend of his Iberian and Friesian heritage. It will be a true pleasure to watch him unfold and grow. 

On top of Prophecy’s harmonious form he has been dipped in white gold. He is a rare Cremello color… red base (ee) with two copies of the Cream gene (CRCR) and with the extra stroke of luck he is homozygous Agouti (AA)! This means he will always pass on one Cream (CR) gene to each offspring, one Red gene (e) and being homozygous Agouti (AA) can ONLY produce Palominos and Buckskins… NO Smokey Black/Smokey Creams or any Black base horses! Just what we had hoped for! He has just kept surprising us at every turn and I could not be happier with him. 

Prophecy is currently being retained as our future stallion prospect and we look forward to seeing what will produce crossing with other Friesians (especially Red or Red carriers!) as well other breeds. He has so much to offer beyond his color. The future is BRIGHT so look out for this boy in the future to cross with your mare!

“Prophecy: a foretelling or prediction of something to come… a divinely inspired revelation. His very name and fate are synonymous with greatness.”


Saphiro(Cremello Lusitano Stallion)
Prophecy KMP
Fan Aran
Morante RM
Nordica VIII
BDF Illuminous (Palomino F1 Warlander Mare)
Leendert Leopold
BDF Red Zoe
(Chestnut Friesian Mare)
BDF Celtic Luck


Reference Dam | Photos

BDF Illuminous ~ Palomino F1 Warlander (Aa/ee/CRcr)
Owned by Moonshire Manor 

Reference Sire | Photos

Saphiro ~ Cremello Lusitano Stallion (AA/ee/CRCR)
Owned by JC Andalusians