Neowise KMP

 Perlino PRE/Andalusian Colt – EE/AA/CrCr/nd1/nd1

Sired by Ganador MPA (Perlino PRE Stallion) 
Out of Lebrijana LXXII (Buckskin PRE Mare)

DOB: 3/19/2023 ~ IAHLA & ANCCE Registry Pending

On the last day of winter, just as the sun began to set, our wonderful Lebrijana delivered the most spectacular double cream colt that we have called, Neowise. Named after the brightest comet to grace the northern hemisphere, this stunning colt is sure to have a future just as bright! Neo is TALL and correct. He has a noble head, long neck and uphill frame. Neo is incredibly sweet, curious and has calm nature… he is truly an old soul.

Neo is a rare double cream Perlino. He is homozygous for Agouti (AA), Dominant Extension (EE)  and the Cream dilution (CrCr). This was incredibly exciting to me as it means all future foals would be guaranteed BUCKSKIN unless paired with other modifiers like another cream, pearl, grey etc – which opens the door for more rare and desirable color combinations. He will not produce black, smokey black or smokey cream; only bay based horses – no red/chestnut and will pass on one Cream Dilution to each potential offspring. Neo is also homozygous for nd1, also known as Non-Dun Primitive Markings. This can appear as a dorsal stripe, leg barring, and shadows on the face and shoulders even in the absence of the actual Dun gene. Since he received two copies of the nd1 variant he has a 100% chance of passing it on to any offspring he may have. 

In addition to his unique color genetics, Neo also tested homozygous for the Height Gene LCORL meaning he may have increased size over like-bred siblings or other Andalusians AND he has a 100% chance of passing his height gene to his offspring. We were just as pleased that Neo tested negative for other immune, muscle, neurological, reproductive, connective tissue, skeletal, occular and endocrine disorders.  Neowise has all the stallion qualities and genetics to support it. This amazing colt offers endless possibilities of QUALITY, SIZE with COLOR to any future offspring! 

Neo’s dam is our incredible imported buckskin mare, Lebrijana LXXII. She has impeccable genetics and is a breathtaking mover! See Lebrijana’s page for more information on this special mare – click here!

Neo’s sire is the incredible Revised ANCCE PRE Perlino Stallion, GANADOR MPA. Besides being a rare double dilute, he has bloodlines to the Calificado Stallion, AVIADOR V, who was also a SICAB Champion in Spain and plus others with impressively high family genetic index values.

From Ganador’s owner:

“Ganador MPA passed his revision at 3 years old with the highest marks across the board! Breed Quality, Overall Harmony, Walk, Trot and Canter all marked very high! This gorgeous colt was perfectly mannered, perfectly balanced in all 3 gaits with wonderful cadence! The judge was so impressed with him she pointed out to us she has never seen a horse of this caliber in this color, ever! Now you can’t get better than this being a breeder!”

This colt is available for purchase to the discriminating buyer. Neo will be an asset to any breeding program and a BIG, beautiful, willing partner!



“Neowise… named for the brightest comet to grace 

the northern hemisphere, this stunning

 colt is sure to have a future just as bright!


Distinto XXV
Altanero MPA II
Zumo JIM
Ganador MPA
Perlino PRE Stallion
Grandiosa ARM
Taranta LXIII
Neowise KMP
Trianero XXIV
Lebrijano XLI
Afrodita M Suay
Lebrijana LXXII
Buckskin PRE Mare
Moret II
Rocio Veinticinco
Canela R


Reference Dam | Photos

Lebrijana LXXII ~ Buckskin PRE Mare
Owned by Moonshire Manor 

Reference Sire | Photos

Ganador MPA ~ Perlino PRE Stallion (AA/EE/CrCR)
Owned by Bridle Passion Farm