BDF Illuminous

2021 F1 Warlander (50% Andalusian x 50% Friesian) Filly | Negative for Dwarfism & Hydrocephalus
Palomino: ee, Aa, NCr, nd1/nd2 | Registered with the Friesian Heritage Horse, Warlander Studbook Society, IALHA Half-Andalusian Registry & Palomino Horse 

Latte, as she is affectionately called, is our token blonde prom queen. She truly embodies the best of her Friesian and Andalusian heritage.  Latte’s dam is a very rare “red” Friesian and she was bred to the incredible Palomino PRE stallion, Morante RM. This crossed produced our rare Palomino Warlander – there are only a handful of these beauties worldwide. As soon as I saw her at just weeks old, I knew she needed to be mine. Latte’s unique golden coat is only a small part of what makes this filly special. Her breathtaking movement is completely effortless. She has a captivating presence in her lofty canter and her trot swallows the ground with extreme reach and high step. She carries herself with an effortless confidence and coordination that she was simply born with.  She is bold, EXTREMELY friendly and definitely bosses all the boys around. We look forward to watching her grow and seeing her  SHINE in and out of the ring. Our plan is to cross her with some top stallions for embryo transfer during the 2023 breeding season. I cannot wait to see what her quality, movement, mind and rare color will produce with the awesome stallions we have selected. With this filly, the future is truly ILLUMINOUS!

"Our rare Palomino Warlander - there are only a handful of these beauties worldwide."


Oropel IV
Fan Aran
Emperatriz XX
Morante RM
(Palomino Imported PRE Stallion)
Manuero II
Nordica VIII
Urbana V
BDF Illuminous
Frans 289
Leendert Leopold
Hannah From CA-Lyn Ster
BDF Red Zoe
(Chestnut Friesian Mare)
Ivanhoe F.Q. Ster
BDF Celtic Luck
Jitske Suzanne


Reference Sire | Photos

Morante RM ~ PRE Stallion
Owned by: Jane Mortenson



Taskin x Freedom's Jolie Prize
2022 Perlina F1 DromHorse Colt (Vanner x Shire)
EE, Aa, CrCr, PATN1, W20

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