Alchemy KMP

 Palomino Warlander Colt – Color Genetics: Aa/ee/Cr

Sired by Altivo Vinyet (Cremello PRE Stallion) 
Out of BDF Illuminous (Palomino Warlander Mare) *via embryo transfer

75% Andalusian + 25% Friesian – DOB: 3/24/2024

 Alchemy was born via embryo transfer (the buckskin mare, Lebrijana, is his surrogate mother) from our palomino F1 Warlander mare, “Latte” and is by the cremello PRE/Andalusian stallion, Altivo Vinyet. We could not wait to see what our “Latte” would produce and oh, BOY, she did NOT disappoint! Alchemy is everything we hoped for in this cross. An ideal baroque Warlander with the added bonus of a rare gilded coat. He received the best of both breeds and is TALL with substantial bone and a baroque build. He has the prettiest head and kindest eyes. We are so pleased with his compact frame, short back, strong hip and loin, correct legs and sloping shoulder. He is BUILT to MOVE and move he does! He has an effortless, straight trot with LOADS of step and action. He has natural self carriage and a chess piece frame… just like his momma! A natural born athlete with FLASH and COLOR. Alchemy will make an excellent dressage, working equitation or even saddle seat prospect along with all the possibilities as a stallion!

On top of his balanced structure, stellar movement and rare coloring, Alchemy has been incredibly friendly and people oriented from his first moments. He is bold, curious and brave… often wandering off from mom to come and get scratches and attention from us. He is as kind as he is beautiful. He is the whole package and will make someone an incredible top riding partner, a best friend and will be a huge asset to any breeding program. He has stallion quality written all over him. Along with being a rare palomino Warlander he also has a clear genetic panel and is a H1 (the height gene) carrier meaning he will be TALL and will pass his exceptional size to his offspring. He will pass the red gene to every foal and has a 50% chance of passing the cream gene – he can make palominos, smokey blacks and buckskins depending on the mare’s color genetics. Cross him with red or red carrier Friesian mares and you have a chance to make MORE palomino Warlanders! He will pair well with other Warlanders, Iberian horses, stock horses, Friesians and even Warmbloods. Adding his excellent movement, sweet character, bold nature and baroque type. He has so much to offer and I can’t wait to see all that he will do. He is truly one of a kind. 

This incredibly special colt is available for purchase to the discriminating buyer. Alchemy will be registered with the Warlander Studbook and is eligible to be registered with IAHLA and the Palomino Registry if his new owner wishes to do so. 

PRICE: $25,000  

Generous payment options until weaning in August/September & discounts to a stallion home with future breedings back ~ Contact Kylee for availability!

“Alchemy is everything we hope for in this cross. An ideal baroque Warlander. Kind and willing temperament, prominent size, flawless movement, correct build and immense bone… with the added bonus of a rare gilded coat. What more could you ask for?”


Claudio Vives
Altivo Vinyet (Cremello PRE Stallion)
Talisman PM
Altiva Vinyet
Naviera XXIII
Alchemy KMP
Fan Aran
Morante RM
Nordica VIII
BDF Illuminous (Palomino F1 Warlander Mare)
Leendert Leopold
BDF Red Zoe
(Chestnut Friesian Mare)
BDF Celtic Luck


Reference Dam | Photos

BDF Illuminous ~ Palomino F1 Warlander (Aa/ee/CRcr)
Owned by Moonshire Manor 

Reference Sire | Photos

Altivo Vinyet ~ Cremello PRE Stallion (Aa/ee/CRCR)
Owned by Tismeer Spanish Horses